Community Choice Energy Boston - Endorsements

Community Leaders

Reverend Mariama White-Hammond

Co-pastor, Bethel A.M.E Ministries

"I definitely think Community Choice is the direction we should be going in."

Kalila Barnett

Executive Director ACE-EJ


"I support Community Choice Energy because it can provide access to clean renewable energy for all Boston residents."

Joel Wool

Advocate: Energy & Environment - Clean Water Action

"Community Choice Energy means ALL of Boston can pitch in to build our clean energy future together."

Jenny Sazama

Director & Co-Founder, Youth On Board

"Youth will inherit the climate we create. Let's make it renewable."

Carol Oldham

Executive Director, Mass Climate Action Network

"Community Choice Energy allows residents and small businesses to seamlessly switch to more renewable energy."

Michael Orr

Somerville Resident

"I decided to opt up for the 100% renewables choice through CCA. In just two minutes I was signed up! It was sooooo easy."


Boston Climate Action Network

"Get more renewable electricity for all Boston residents by combining our buying power."

Boston Student Advisory Council

"The climate is our future. We don't have time to waste."

Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay, Green Committee

"We can get more renewable electricity by combining our buying power. We can choose renewables, fight climate change, protect consumers, create jobs, and stabilize prices."

Boston Clean Energy Coalition

"The Boston Clean Energy Coalition enthusiastically supports Community Choice Energy for Boston because it will accelerate our transition to a renewable energy future in an equitable fashion."

Sierra Club - Massachussetts

"Community Choice Energy is a great opportunity for Boston to invest in renewable energy and help consumers by providing them with consistent electricity prices year round."

Roslindale Affinity Group

"We whole-heartedly endorse the Community Choice Energy (CCE) initiative in Boston. Using the power of bulk puchasing in the electricity generation market, CCE consolidates demand by Boston residents for locally generated wind, solar and non-fossil fuel electricity."

West Roxbury Saves Energy

"It is time for Boston to take the lead in all matters that help our environment, and CCE is the single most effective way to immediately reduce greenhouse gases in our city. Now is the time for Boston to adopt CCE; we cannot wait."

Jamaica Plan Neighborhood Council

"We urge the City Council to move forward with plans for a Public Hearing on this matter and the development of a Community Choice Aggregation Program for Boston."


Michelle Wu

Boston City Councilor-at-Large

"The law lays out a process for the City of Boston to choose to power our city as a whole with renewable energy resources such as solar and wind. Community choice energy is the fastest way that Boston can get on the path to being a 100% renewable energy city."

Matt O'Malley

Boston City Councilor

"Fighting climate change and protecting our environment is about equity and social justice, standing together to prevent disastrous impacts that will fall disproportionately on vulnerable communities."

Tito Jackson

Boston City Councilor

"Community Choice Energy is simply the right thing to do. It is critical for the City of Boston to use its resources to significantly fight climate change, and become a leader in standing for a better environment. We are a coastal city that already sees first hand the impact of the climate literally on our doorstep, and Boston’s residents all deserve to breathe clean air and have access to clean water. Community Choice Energy has proven to be a successful strategy for reducing fossil fuel consumption, and by focusing on local renewable energy sources, it can also stimulate a second-fold bottom line of job growth in the green economy as well. I applaud all those who unswervingly do this important work. We must all join that effort."

Josh Zakim

Boston City Councilor

"We must all work together to protect our city from climate change. Adopting CCE is a small, simple step that we can take that will make a large impact on our environment."

Annissa Essaibi-George

Boston City Councilor

"Climate Change is a clear threat to future generations. I am committed to supporting work and policy that advances our transition to clean, renewable sources of energy. We have an obligation to do all we can to preserve a habitable environment for our children and their children."