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Help us make renewable electricity affordable and accessible for all Boston residents.

Boston is now actively working to implement Community Choice Electricity!

The Mayor's office is engaged in the first steps of setting up the program.

Read more below to learn about the program, how far along it is on implementation, and how you can get involved!

Choose renewables

Fight climate change

Protect consumers

Stabilize prices

Let's Join the Massachusetts Movement

Dozens of towns across the state are using Community Choice to go green!

Dozens of towns across Massachusetts and hundreds across America are choosing how they get their energy instead of depending on the utility to choose for them.

    Brookline, MA recently initiated a plan to increase their renewable commitment by 25% of their power usage. Greenfield, MA went for a 100% renewables plan in December 2016.

    This is a plan that is working for lots of communities - let's make it work for Boston!

Better for the Planet

With bulk purchasing, we can obtain 5 - 10% more renewable energy without significantly increasing energy costs. This will save tonnes of CO2 each year, protecting the environment and helping us reach our climate targets.

Money Smart

The new Community Choice Electricity purchasing plan will add little or no costs to residents or businesses. The new shared plan will also protect us from price spikes caused by the changing cost of fossil fuels.

Protects Residents

Have people been calling you or knocking on your door and offering you a new electricity plan? Many of these plans do not deliver on their promises. Our Community Choice Electricity plan protects residents against energy scams by implementing a new citywide clean energy electricity plan for all of us.


Organizations, Activist Groups, Officials, and Businesses are all getting on board.

The Boston Globe

"Boston is an important city. It’s the largest in New England. It’s filled with top-notch scientists and big thinkers, and its citizens increasingly feel like citizens of the world. Boston needs to do something. This is something. Let’s do it. "

Kalila Barnett

Executive Director ACE-EJ

"I support Community Choice Electricity because it can provide access to clean renewable energy for all Boston residents."

Boston Climate Action Network

"Get more renewable electricity for all Boston residents by combining our buying power."

Michelle Wu

Boston City Councilor-at-Large

The law lays out a process for the City of Boston to choose to power our city as a whole with renewable energy resources such as solar and wind. Community Choice Electricity is the fastest way that Boston can get on the path to being a 100% renewable energy city.

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What is Community Choice Electricity?

Massachusetts state law allows any city or town to choose the electricity supplier for all its residents and businesses. This way, we can make important energy decisions instead of for-profit utilities and their competitors.

Will I pay more?

Our goal is to get you 5 - 10% more renewable energy with little or no raise in cost. In the longer term, our goal is to create a path for 100% of Bostonians' energy to be renewable, without raising costs significantly for residents.

Will I be able to keep my current plan?

Yes! No one is locked into the Community Choice Electricity plan. If you currently have a competitive supplier you can keep that supplier as long as you like. If you have Eversource as your supplier, you can opt out of Community Choice Electricity or choose another competitive supplier.

What would Community Choice Electricity do for environmental justice?

In Massachusetts, poor communities bear the brunt of fossil fuel pollution and get few of its economic benefits. White and affluent homeowners can install solar panels or buy renewable energy, but poor communities have a much harder time getting solar power and cutting their electric bills. Meanwhile, poor communities suffer the worst impacts from air pollution, high summer heat without air conditioning, and public transit disruptions due to severe weather.

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This project and the work of Boston Climate Action Network is made possible by a generous grant from the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund.